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Clark S25 - 5,000lbs

  • Ford LPG Engine
  • 189" TSU
  • 42" Forks
  • Headlights
  • Rear Grab Bar
  • Strobe
  • Back Up Alarm
  • 41" Side Shifter
  • Console

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• Minimal Vibration and Noise to the Operator via a Balanced Engine and Isolated Transmission
• Adjustable Full-Suspension Seat
• Hood-Mounted Levers with Low Input Force
• Large Floor Board Improves Leg Room and Boot Clearance
• Small Diameter Steering Wheel with Low Steering Effort
• Reduced Brake and Inching Pedal Effort
• Steering Column Adjustable Tilt Range of 30 degrees
• Optimized Step Height

High Performance FORD 2.5L LPG Tier-4 Engine
• Balanced Engine
• 4-Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam Design
• VVT (Variable Valve Timing)
• Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection
• Timing Chain-Driven Camshaft
• Automatic Belt Tensioners

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