Linde H30D - 6,000lbs

Standard Features
Diesel 48" Forks
Solid pneumatic drive and steer tires Left and right external rear view mirrors
Back Up Alarm Curve Assist
Armrest Mounted Directional Controls Side-Shifter
183" TSU Precleaner
Back-Up Alarm & Strobe Light Belly Pan

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Model Power Unit Load Capacity Load Center Load Distance Wheelbase Tire Size: Front Tire Size: Rear
H30D Diesel 6000 24 in 17.5 in 75.9 in 27 x 10-12 23 x 9-10
• Maximum travel RPM is 2,100; 1,050 RPM at 7 MPH
• Less noise, less stress = higher productivity; money saved
• Extended engine life/service intervals, fuel consumption is cut
• Pressurized hydraulic system
• Increased operator awareness and care of equipment
• Linde hydrostatic drive • Unrivaled truck controllability = increased productivity
• Top system efficiency via optimized controls
• Low RPM industrial engines
• Shock-mounted components, drive/steer axle & tilt cylinders
• Overhead tilt cylinders
• Overhead cylinders for ideal load control & torque distribution
• Full belly-pan construction
• Decreased maintenance expense, longer truck life
• Linde Truck Control (LTC)
• Longer maintenance intervals, less downtime
• No friction brakes, clutches or torque converter; infinite speed control
• Pressurized hydraulics – no contamination of system, extends life
• Shock mounting protects components against road shock damage
• Belly pan supports frame, protects components, acts as skid plate
  • Comprehensive, anti-glare display
  • Zero maintenance mast and tilt cylinder mounting
  • Headlights
  • Linde operator protector frame
  • Linde Load Control (LLC)
  • Overhead tilt cylinders
  • High comfort, fully adjustable suspension seat
  • Ultra sonic fuel level indicator (LP)
  • Tilt steering column
  • Linde dual pedal travel control
  • 3-way regulated catalytic converter (LPG engine)
  • Load backrest (LBR)
  • High-performance hydraulic filters
  • 3-function hydraulic control valve with “finger-top control” handles and armrest
  • Various special fork sizes
  • Tilt memory
  • Reduced speed settings
  • Additional lighting
  • Single pedal travel control
  • Hang-on sideshifter
  • Air conditioning
  • Variety of operator cabs
  • Simple, dual and triple masts and carriages
  • Additional hydraulic functions
  • Cab/overhead guard protection kits
  • Cab heater / defroster
  • Tire options; twin, radial, pneumatic
  • Linde Engine Protection Systems (LEPS)
  • Special packages; recycling, foundry, etc
  • Transmission oil/filter change – NOT REQUIRED
  • Tilt cylinder greasing – NOT REQUIRED
  • Mast mounting greasing – NOT REQUIRED
  • Tires are up to three (3) times the life!
  • Engine oil/filter change = every 300/1000 hours
  • Hydraulic oil/filter change = every 3,000/6,000 hours
  • Hydrostatic drive deletes TC trani, clutch, differential & drum brakes
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