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Product Spotlight: Baoli KBG25C with Trucker’s Mast

Released in October, Baoli KBG25C is the first internal combustion, LPG-powered forklift to be made available in North America from the Baoli product line that is equipped with non-treaded cushion… read more →

How do Forklifts Maintain Their Balance?

Forklifts can and often do tip over. Lifting the rear tires off the ground can happen easily when you are unsure of the load’s weight, and some have knocked forklifts… read more →

Is a Truck-Mounted Forklift Right for Your Business?

Is a Truck-Mounted Forklift Right for Your Business? Princeton Piggyback Truck-mounted forklifts are usually mounted on the rear of a truck or its platform, where they can be dismounted in… read more →

OSHA Regulations on Training

Keeping up with OSHA regulations concerning lift truck and aerial equipment safety is a crucuial part of the material handling industry. Since OSHA regulations regarding these pieces of equipment are… read more →

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