KION Baoli Forklift Co., Ltd is our international, highly competitive material handling manufacturer for the value segment. KION North America offers LPG, diesel and electric Baoli brand forklifts with load capacities ranging from 3,500 to 7,000 lbs.

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Linde HT25T

Linde HT25T – 5,000lbs Standard Features LPG Engine Split Pedal Solid Tires 184.2″ TSU 45.3″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Headlight Strobe Back Up Alarm   Want More Information on the HT25T?

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Baoli KBG25C – 5,000lbs

Baoli KBG25C – 5,000lbs Standard Features LP Nissan Engine Vinyl Seat Cushion Tires 186″ TSU 38″ Side-Shifter Orange Seat Belt Entry Grip Tilt Steering Back Up Alarm LED Spotlight Strobe

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Linde HT25CT

Linde HT25CT – 5,000lbs Standard Features Ford LPG Engine Split Pedal Cushion Tires 184″ TSU 38.6″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Spotlight Strobe Back Up Alarm   Want More Information on the

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Increase efficiency


• Low center of gravity
• Foam lined engine hood
• Suspended overhead guard reduces vibration


• Ergonomically designed
• Exceptionally energy efficient
• Maintenance-free service breaks
• Dual-drive motor design


• Energy-efficient design allows for continuous operation for day-to-day jobs.
• The AC drive and lift motors provide excellent power to maximize productivity.

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