Baoli KBG25C - 5,000lbs

Standard Features

• Nissan K25 2.5L Engine
• Solid pneumatic drive and steer tires
• Back Up Alarm
• Wide Class II hang-on side-shifter
• Hook type Class II forks
• Back-up alarm and strobe light
• Truckers mast
• Left and right external rear view mirrors 
• Tilting adjustable steering column
• Comfort suspension seat
• LED twin spotlights forward – OHG mounted

The IMPCO K25 engine provides outstanding quality and performance and exceeds the standard for economy segment forklift trucks. The timing chain driven camshaft ensures maximum durability while the innovative deceleration fuel shutoff maximizes energy efficiency.

Optimized standard specifications allow Baoli to offer higher quality trucks and parts than the competition. Baoli forklifts come with the KION Standard Warranty and 12 months return on initial parts orders without penalty; the warranty excludes maintenance parts.

Fully integrated into the KION North America supply chain and service system, Baoli provides shared resources from brother brands and offers a well-developed sales and service network. With Baoli spare parts in stock at KION North America warehouse, spare parts delivery is possible within 24 hours throughout the U.S. on special demand.

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