Baoli KBG25 - 5,000lbs

Standard Features

• Nissan K25 2.5L Engine
• Solid pneumatic drive and steer tires
• Back Up Alarm
• Wide Class II hang-on side-shifter
• Hook type Class II forks
• Back-up alarm and strobe light
• 189″ TSU
• 48″ Forks
• Left and right external rear view mirrors
• Tilting adjustable steering column
• Comfort suspension seat
• LED twin spotlights forward – OHG mounted

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• MPCO K25 2.5L engine
• 500 hr oil change interval
• Proven durable technology
• Quick response to changing conditions

• KION standard torque converter
• Low center of gravity
• Standard KION structure painting available

• Fully suspended cab
• Wide rear view design
• All-in-one control box for on

• Removable suspension
• Easy access for repairs
• Engine hood opens to a 90° angle
• Easy accessibility of transmission oil gauge and brake oil gauge

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