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Stay Safety – Happy National Forklift Safety Day!

There are over 850,000 forklifts in operation in the United States. Nearly 1 in 10 will be in an accident. 85 of the accidents will be fatal. Over 34,000 serious… read more →

Linde HT25T

Linde HT25T – 5,000lbs Standard Features LPG Engine Split Pedal Solid Tires 184.2″ TSU 45.3″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Headlight Strobe Back Up Alarm Want More Information on the HT25T? Click… read more →

Linde KBG25C – 5,000lbs

Baoli KBG25C – 5,000lbs Standard Features LP Nissan Engine Vinyl Seat Cushion Tires 186″ TSU 38″ Side-Shifter Orange Seat Belt Entry Grip Tilt Steering Back Up Alarm LED Spotlight Strobe… read more →

Linde HT25CT

Linde HT25CT – 5,000lbs Standard Features Ford LPG Engine Split Pedal Cushion Tires 184″ TSU 38.6″ Side-Shifter 42″ Forks Spotlight Strobe Back Up Alarm   Want More Information on the… read more →

Industrial Scrubber and Sweeper: Why They are Needed in Your Facility?

Released in October, Baoli KBG25C is the first internal combustion, LPG-powered forklift to be made available in North America from the Baoli product line that is equipped with non-treaded cushion… read more →

Advance Warrior

Advance Warrior With tools-free interchangeable disc and cylindrical scrub decks, the Warrior™ scrubber has the flexibility to scrub multiple surfaces in one pass. One-Touch™ scrubbing controls minimize operator training and… read more →

Taylor-Dunn Big Foot 36V

Taylor-Dunn Big Foot 36V Taylor-Dunn’s new line of Bigfoot electric vehicles has a 10 inch larger operator’s compartment, adjustable seats, and tilted steering wheel for improved legroom and operator comfort.… read more →

Combilift C10000L – 22,000lb

Combilift C10000L – 22,000lbs Standard Features GM LPG Engine Usable Platform Depth 48″ Slide out LPG Carrier & Low Level Indicator 159″ Duplex 24″ Load Center 4″ Convex Mirrors Hydraulic… read more →

Clark C25C – 5,000lbs

Clark C25C – 5,000lbs Standard Features LPG 42″ Forks Cushion Drive and Steer Tires Left and Right External Rear View Mirrors Side-Shifter 189″ TSU Rear Grab Bar Headlights Back-Up Alarm… read more →

Clark CGC50 – 10,000lb

Clark C50C – 10,000lbs Standard Features LPG 48″ Forks Cushion Drive and Steer Tires Left and Right External Rear View Mirrors Strobe Light Back Up Alarm Rear Grab Bar Headlights… read more →

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